Meet Taiwu Tang, Our Brand

Meet Taiwu Tang, Our Brand

What makes me feel most happy is meeting you, my  dear customers. I want to bear in mind your support.

On May 2, 2019, the 16th day of the launch of my my store was, I welcome my first customer, the first order in a teapot from LA. I still remember that I was excited and even ignored my son's birthday. Yes, it was also his birthday.

Chinese Traditional Li Xing Teapot Best Ceramics

And of course, I also remember you from Belarus. Your first order hasn't received your parcel for 2 months due to logistics reasons. Not a few days after you received the replacement package, you got the first package that we thought it had lost. I am equally happy, because it is really on the way. So when he asked me to make up my money or return it to me, I said decisively no, just keep it.

And there’s a fathers buy a gift to his daughter from Europe, A mister buy a wedding gift to his wife, a mister continue buy favorite cups for himself and he said that could be a huge gift for his family, and much more…

Yes. There are many memories.

Of course, it is time to make some changes, so we have a new brand: Taiwu Tang 太戊堂. These three words come from my hometown Dehua, and from my local accent Hokkien,  and I hope they always remind me to stay pure.

Yes, we'll soon have our own tea-wares, dinning-wares and tea. We will continue to unfold this story that belongs to us.

I hope you're still stay with us.

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