How do I start my art career again?

How do I start my art career again?

I was told do ever never to give up a hobby.

That voice was ringing in my ears. And yes, I love to paint, and I did think that I would be a professional artist after college. But I am becoming an ITer, handle the marketing job for pass 20 years. I really enjoyed that time, too.

But today I had to re-examine my hobby, oil painting. How do I start my art career again?

Here is my challenge following,

  • I’m used to a fast lifestyle. How do I slow myself down?
  • How do I find time to paint in my fragmented time?
  • What do I draw?

At this moment, I like to share some paintings from my best friend, Jinhuo Lu.

He gradually developed his own painting style, and I like the collision of colors and the interesting composition of the picture. I was happy for him, and as an old friend who used to go out and paint landscapes and get drunk together, I looked forward to returning to those innocent days one day.
I hope that I can find my way to oil painting, as I found the way to success in the IT industry for the past 20 years.
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