About Best Ceramics

Best Ceramics is a website operated by Ceramitique Inc., which focused on the artist series of handmade teasers.

Ceramitique, Inc. found in the US, it was founded by Kevin Yuan, who a hometown of Blanc De Chine birth and growth in Dehua, China. Kevin is an oil painting artist and an IT professional manager who has successively served MNC enterprises such as Dell and Brocade.

Your porcelain is shipped by Ceramitique in Chongqing, China. Every item of yours is our invaluable artwork. An artwork which with our favorite products, and of course we will take good care of it.

You can see how colorful porcelain, wabisabi style pottery, also Blanc De Chine porcelain here. Most of them are made of Jingdezhen, Dehua, and Yixing designed by artist and handmade.

Our partner in China is Xiamen Aoyo Network Technology Co., Ltd. a company founded by Sihan Wang in Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city, and one of the starting points of the Maritime Silk Road. An important part of its business is the promotion of Blanc De Chine porcelain. And we used the brands Tai Wu Tang is from them, also they help on export the wholesale goods from China.


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