Who is Kevin

Kevin Yuan was born and grew up in Dehua, one of the three major porcelain capitals in China. When I was a child, every family in my neighborhood had neighbors and friends working in ceramic factories. At that time, the main products of Dehua were various decorations and ornaments. Meanwhile, Dehua is a famous ceramic handicraft export base in the world.

Ceramics are full of all aspects of our lives. The ceramics are often seen on the side of the road, carrying the fun of our childhood. The trailers carry the hopes of adults. Of course, we often play in ceramic factories, and a little bit older, we also work in factories during holidays, make some pocket money.

I really didn't think that one day I would also become a member of the promotion of Blanc de Chine porcelain. The ideal in college is to be an oil painting artist who can concentrate on creating and painting everything you like. However, the reality is that I have become an IT professional manager, a rapidly developing industry, and a very busy person.

I like coffee because it refreshes me? In fact, it's not. Coffee is a short-term rest signal for busy me. When I feel tired, I can quickly find a coffee shop, be in a daze, or deal with a short time. Until one day in 2016, I saw Kintsugi and Lacquer Artwork in a friend's studio, which reminded me that I was also an artist. From then on, I began to become a tea lover and began a slow life. Tea has gradually replaced coffee as part of my daily life. It's better to say that I like tea, but I prefer the joy brought to me by the tea wares, and there has been tea culture for thousands of years.

Thank you for knowing so many friends in the past few years, refreshing my understanding of ceramics. My hometown is no longer full of street ceramics fragments but has been replaced by a variety of exquisite ceramic tea sets and artworks, which fascinates me.

For this reason, I started my first tea-ware boutique, Best Ceramics, In May 2019. I hope to share what I think is the best tea-set with you and introduce Chinese ceramic culture to you.

I hope you can find a more wonderful tea life here with Kevin, and let's enjoy a cup of tea slowly together, and the tea wares.



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