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In 25 years, I've transitioned from teacher to marketing expert and artist, founding BestCeramics in 2019. Embracing my passion, I revive old objects into tea culture treasures. Discover this journey of creativity and joy.


Over the past 25 years, I have enjoyed gradually becoming a teacher, salesperson, sales manager, marketing expert, strategic development expert, and founder. Transitioning from the art industry to the IT industry and then back to art sometimes feels a bit ironic. Why didn’t I persist back then? After 25 years, I’ve come full circle back to art.

I often recall what I used to say to my good friend, Mr. Lu: I want to paint, I want to create.

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Perhaps this is my true calling.

After all, nothing is more joyful than doing what you love. Due to work, I am far from Dehua and Jingdezhen, so I can't frequently create ceramic pieces. However, I found my interest in giving new life to old objects, transforming them into items with practical tea culture significance.

Every time I see a historically damaged item rejuvenated with new beauty, I feel a sense of satisfaction. Sharing it with others who appreciate it brings me pride. Happiness is really quite simple.

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Learning also brings joy

Learning also brings joy. To achieve certain effects, I learned to make Kou and practice lacquerware. My happiness doubled. Discovering and conveying beauty in life gradually became another focus, creating beauty in tea living. Thus, the brand "Taiwu Tang" was born, dedicated to the art of tea sets.

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Dehua Vintage Handcrafted Porcelain Mini Unique Gongfu Teapot|Bestceramics

Thank you

So, one personal running website BestCeramics.cn was launched in April 2019. As a father of two, a strategic advisor/marketing director of a company, an artist, and the founder of a tea set brand, I've stumbled and bustled through the fifth year, gaining many insights and rewards. Thanks to those who support me. Thank you.

The happiest thing is creating something that you happen to love.