The Small Teapot Choice of Tea Masters

The Small Teapot Choice of Tea Masters


The capacity of a teapot has a significant impact on the tea brewing process. Different teapot sizes affect the steeping intensity, the concentration of the tea, and the release of the tea's aroma.


Controlling Tea Concentration: A small teapot allows for better control over the steeping time of the tea leaves, thus more precisely controlling the tea's concentration. The smaller the teapot, the higher the ratio of tea leaves to water, resulting in a richer tea.


Multiple Infusions: Small teapots are ideal for multiple infusions, with each steeping time being shorter. This method helps to better release the aroma and flavor of the tea leaves. Experienced tea masters enjoy observing the changes in the tea leaves with each infusion, thus fully appreciating the tea's complex flavors.


Temperature Maintenance: Small teapots have a lower heat capacity, which allows for a quicker increase in water temperature, enabling the tea leaves to release their aroma and flavor rapidly. Additionally, the temperature of the tea remains stable over a short period, preventing it from cooling too quickly.


Focus and Ritual: Experienced tea masters pay attention to every detail when brewing tea. Using a small teapot allows them to concentrate on the changes in the tea leaves with each infusion, enhancing the ritualistic and experiential aspects of tea brewing.

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