He Chaozong: Master of Dehua White Porcelain

He Chaozong: Master of Dehua White Porcelain


He Chaozong, an eminent sculptor from Dehua during the late Ming dynasty, is celebrated for his exquisite Blanc De Chine porcelain figures, especially those of Guanyin. His works are distinguished by their elegant forms and intricate craftsmanship.

Active approximately between 1580 and 1650, He Chaozong's sculptures are crafted from Dehua's white porcelain, known for its warm ivory color due to the low iron oxide content. His pieces stand out for their thick construction and fine hand-carved details, contrasting sharply with the thinner, more standardized ceramics of other Dehua potters.


Among his most renowned creations are the Guanyin statues, often depicted standing on clouds or waves with various hand gestures, each showcasing different details and styles. These statues were revered in China and widely exported to Europe and Japan, becoming highly valued by collectors.

In addition to religious figures, He Chaozong also created sculptures of other subjects, demonstrating his exceptional skill and meticulous attention to detail. In the Qing court, at least one Guanyin statue by He Chaozong was worshipped in the Forbidden City, highlighting the significance and influence of his work.


Overall, He Chaozong's unique artistic style and exceptional craftsmanship have secured him a prominent place in Dehua's ceramic history. His works are not only highly esteemed in China but have also had a lasting impact on global ceramic art.

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