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Fuyue Teacups

Fuyue Teacups

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This is absolutely a stunning cup, made of top quality Dehua kaolin, or jade porcelain as it is known in China. Because such porcelain feels like jade and even higher density than jade. But as the use of time becomes longer, it will also show a jade-like luster and oily. Although it has no glaze it's easy to clean and you can also be cleaned with a dishwasher if you like.

Its surface decoration is also unique, is a special process. You can feel the concave and convex patterns, especially the use of gold makes it elegant. Such patterns are rich in Chinese style, but they are out of modernity. 

It is suitable for tea or coffee. It's a thoughtful design to attach an inner tank to the kit, which you can easily use to make tea, and the lid can be used as an inner tank saucer. Which is really thoughtful design. Of course, if you want a cup of coffee during lunchtime, this cup can also make you high-profile.

Height 9.8cm
Diameter(Top) 8.5cm / Diameter(Max) 10cm

We provide a package without Gift box. 

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