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Gorgeous Peacock Teacup

Gorgeous Peacock Teacup

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This is a design we are immensely proud of, from the choice of clays to the intricate pattern design. A year after its launch, we discovered that this set is beloved by many tea enthusiasts.

These tea sets are crafted from top-grade Dehua-specific Blanc de Chine clays, finished with an unglazed jade-like porcelain. Over time, the teaware develops a more oily and jade-like appearance, enhancing its beauty. The teacups have the perfect thickness, providing excellent heat retention while ensuring they won’t burn your hands, making the design both flawless and enjoyable to use. With a capacity of approximately 45ml, they are suitable for various types of tea you love.

Our pattern design, which holds special significance for us, has been imitated by many over the past year. However, no one has matched our use of 18-carat gold to create a three-dimensional effect. Complemented by traditional pattern designs, this tea set exudes a distinctive retro style.



  • H 50 mm | D 52 mm | C 45 mL

Additional Information

  • Dehua, China
  • Unglazed
  • Electric Firing,High (>1300ºC)

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