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Balancing IT and Art: A Journey of Dual Passions

As an IT professional, I'm inherently accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle, capable of quickly breaking down tasks, summarizing, and organizing them efficiently. I often wonder whether this is a blessing or a curse.

On the other hand, as an oil painting artist and now a lacquer art creator, these crafts don't demand speed from me. Instead, they often remind me to slow down, reflect, take a step back to reassess, and then contemplate some more. This process feels tumultuous yet immensely enjoyable. Yes, I genuinely love painting and creating. However, in my youth, I was too driven by the pursuit of so-called success—back then, most people equated success with making a lot of money—so I chose the fast-growing IT industry. After twenty years of racing against time, it's tough to slow down and savor life.

Consequently, I often feel like I've been living a false life because I really want to leisurely enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. I'd love to empty my mind, do nothing, and just daze off—it's quite nice. Yet, up until now, I habitually wake up each day and naturally arrange my tasks for the day based on their urgency and importance. I even have a mental schedule that forms automatically.

Is it interesting? I find it quite paradoxical and fascinating. Everything is both real and elusive.
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