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Antique Style Teapot #101

Antique Style Teapot #101

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Do you like an antique porcelain teapot? But it's too expensive? So why not an antique-style teapot? For example, this Qing dynasty-style teapot made from Dehua kiln. This will be slightly smaller than the original teapot. It only has a capacity of about 100ml, which is suitable for oolong tea, rock tea, tieguanyin, green tea,etc.  And other fragrant teas, which can well retain the taste of tea.

Like the antique one, it's made by hand with Dehua Kaolin clays, and it is covered with a transparent glaze. The glaze is smooth and translucent, quite charming. The carving on the teapot is delicate and the shape is simple. Just like an antique.

The water out of the mouth of the teapot is simple and smooth so that you can also look elegant when you brew tea.

H 6.3cm
D 6.5cm
V 100ml

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