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Antiques Lids Saucer

Antiques Lids Saucer

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This is a Twine Drum 麻线鼓 Ma Xian Gu in Chinese. In the late qing dynasty and the people of China in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, there will be a tradition of making hemp in the home. Hence the twine drum. Small round holes or grooves in the cylindrical plane of the brick hemp drum are used to hold water, which is designed for the fingers to stick to the water when twisting the twine. In ancient times, pairs of hemp drum will be dyed into red, meaning auspicious and festive, prosperous, when the girl married with, very Chinese characteristics. 

And we create it as a lid saucer for tea life. Let's feel the Chinese together.

D 6-8cm
H 2.8-4.5cm
Weight 250-400g

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