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Avocado Lacquerware Tea Scoops

Avocado Lacquerware Tea Scoops

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Aha, this is an interesting piece. First, as you can see, it's made from an avocado shell; second, it's a lacquer work. Yes, this is my lacquer work.

One day, I had a sudden idea that the shape of an avocado shell could be utilized. So, I spent nearly a month drying it, then used lacquer, Xuan paper, lacquer, lime, and gold leaf to turn it into what it is now. It took me a total of three months.

It can certainly be used as a tea scoop, taking tea leaves from the tea canister and putting them into a teapot or gaiwan; it can also be used to hold coffee beans. Are there other uses? I welcome you to tell me.

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