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Ball Flower Gaiwan

Ball Flower Gaiwan

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I'm delighted to find this Gaiwan with an overall black glaze, beautifully adorned with traditional Chinese patterns in gold and silver depicting the Ball flower. The interior is coated with a light blue glaze, making it easy for you to clean the Gaiwan.

This is a standard-sized Gaiwan, holding approximately 150ml, offering ample space suitable for any type of tea. It's especially ideal for teas with larger leaves, allowing them to unfurl fully during brewing, resulting in a more flavorful infusion.

The larger capacity also means you can share the joy with more people, perfect for a tea party of 4-5 individuals. It promises to bring a fantastic tea-gathering experience.

Capacity 150ml
D 10cm/5.5cm
H 6cm

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