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Been-green Charm

Been-green Charm

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Around 2016, Kevin came across a small plate while exploring the antique market in Dehua. Both the inside and outside are adorned with a delicate bean-green glaze. The unglazed foot of the plate bears a carved "全" character, placed at the center of the base. Regrettably, a few hairline cracks, known as "冲线" in Chinese, have emerged over the course of nearly a century. These marks left by the passage of time are quite normal.

Kevin embarked on a creative journey with this plate, accentuating the "冲线" with Kintsugi and adorning the rim with brass, giving it a fresh new look. The plate embodies the essence of the wabisabi style—imperfect yet authentically beautiful.

With a diameter of about 10cm, this small plate serves versatile purposes. Use it as a cup saucer, placing your favorite beverage upon it, or display it on your vanity to hold cherished jewelry. Of course, you can also follow my example and integrate it into your tea ritual as a petite cup saucer. Feel free to explore more ways to infuse it into your daily life. Today, you can take it home and create your own stories with it.

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