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Blue Aurora Gaiwan

Blue Aurora Gaiwan

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A Ru Wares, Ru Kilns extraordinary in its glaze color. The glaze color takes "sky-blue" as the main color, in each case using the Chinese word qing of Ru Wares, which can cover both blue and green. 

And you would found out that how beautiful of cracked glaze. This is the charm of Ru Wares.

There are fully hand-made flowers on the teaware. You also see the teaware in the azure glaze such as jade crystal clear. This design is absolutely stunning. Here, you see what happens after Kevin has been using it for 10 days. Of course, time will make it beautiful.

Of course, it still takes some attention to cultivate Ru Teawares with warm and bright colors and uniform and elegant gold lines.

  • Avoid exposure to substances other than clear water and tea;
  • Clean up and keep clean;
  • It's a pity to be idle, it should be used frequently.

H 8cm/D 9.5cm/V 120ml
Gaiwan Saucer
H 3.5cm/D 15cm
H 6cm/D 6cm/V 60ml
Teacup Saucer
H 2.5cm/D 10cm

Set Option
Gaiwan Set- Gaiwan*1/Gaiwan Saucer*1
Teacup Set- Teacup*1/Teacup Saucer*1
Set 1- Gaiwan*1/Teacup*2
Set 2- Gaiwan Set*1/Teacup Set*2
Set 3- Gaiwan Set*1/Teacup*4

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