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Chinese Style Teacup Set

Chinese Style Teacup Set

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The cups are made of high-grade Dehua kaolin clays, supplemented by the transparent glaze, and decorated with gold at the bottom. Such a glaze makes the cup transparent and noble.

The pattern design on the cup is a combination of traditional Chinese patterns, made with modern craftsmanship, which is decorated with many golden lines. Make it feel more gorgeous.

Larger-capacity cups, of course, are also suitable for coffee and can hold 2 shots of Espresso. Drinking tea with this cup is also a good choice.

You can have 5 choices, you can choose one of your favorite patterns for your family, or you can choose 4 cups wrapped in a gift box.

Teacup Size
H 6.5cm
D 5.8cm
V 110ml
Gift Box Size
L 34cm x W 12.5 x H 8cm

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