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Classic Square Teapot

Classic Square Teapot

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Explore these two unique square teapots, each with a capacity of approximately 120ml, blending traditional and modern designs perfectly. Whether for daily tea enjoyment or as a decorative piece, these teapots add endless charm and style to your tea set.


Green Glaze with Gold Accents Teapot:

This teapot features a deep green glaze, exuding elegance and sophistication. The gold accents on the body and lid add a touch of luxury and nobility. The gold spout and handle are not only practical and durable but also enhance the overall visual appeal. Ideal for personal use or as a gift, this teapot showcases extraordinary taste and quality.


Silver Glaze with Blue and White Patterns Teapot:

This teapot is based on a silver glaze and adorned with intricate blue and white patterns, reflecting the elegance and precision of traditional Chinese porcelain. The detailed blue designs beautifully contrast with the silver background, presenting a square and majestic shape that is both functional and artistically valuable.


Both the green glaze with gold accents teapot and the silver glaze with blue and white patterns teapot are meticulously crafted to ensure flawless details. They are perfect companions for tea enjoyment and exquisite art pieces that enhance life quality. Choose these teapots to bring the beauty of Oriental aesthetics into your modern lifestyle.

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