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Emerald Siting Teapot

Emerald Siting Teapot

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Emerald Thoughts Gongfu Tea Set. A splendid ensemble featuring the resplendent emerald-green Siting teapot. Adorned with intricate gold and silver flowers, it exudes opulence.

Matching cups boast the same lavish exterior, but inside, the silver-plating crafts a mesmerizing golden hue when filled with tea. A visual delight. Cradle the cup's handle gently, savoring your tea with grace.

Complete with a tea tray and cloth, this is a ready-to-use Gongfu tea set. Display your tea artistry effortlessly at home and share moments with friends.

Yes, today is the day you can bring it home. And it shall be a best gift for a tea lover, whether he/she is a beginner or a seniors.

Set Included
Teapot*1|Teacups*2|Tea Tray*1

C 150ml
H 8.5cm
C 80ml
H 4cm
Tea Tray
L 30cm, W 13cm, H 1.5cm

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