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Flowers Gaiwan

Flowers Gaiwan

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Flowers bloom in Spring, which is a season of hope. Some flowers wither in order to have more beautiful flowers and fruits in the near future.

The charm of handmade teaware lies in its unique style, and of course, it is bound to be a little imperfect. This gongfu gaiwan set is made of white porcelain and covered with a transparent glaze. This thickness of the gaiwan is suitable and will not be hot. The shape is simple and full of the old times.

They decorate the gaiwan set with hand-painting. The artist carefully painted the red plum blossoms, as well as the running scenes, and the picture vivid and interesting. It's worth it.

The smooth glaze also makes it easier for you to clean without leaving tea stains.

D 9.5cm/3.6cm
H 7cm
V 140ml

D 6.5cm/4cm
H 4.5cm
V 50ml

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