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Fu Tea Boat

Fu Tea Boat

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This is a nearly century-old Chinese red pot stand, paired with a handcrafted purple copper lid. It exudes a wabisabi style, enhanced by golden repairs, giving it an antique charm.

Its base is crafted from a layer of a lunchbox dating back to around the 1950s. It's coated with a red Chinese glaze and adorned with the characters "福" (fu) and "万" (wan, 卍), symbolizing a myriad of blessings and happiness. There's a small flaw on the base, which Kevin has skillfully mended using lacquer and the art of golden repair. The handmade purple copper lid features a coin hole, resonating with the theme of abundance.

As a seasoned tea enthusiast, this is a rare wabisabi antique tea accessory, one of a kind. If you adore it, you can have it shipped to your home for free today.

D 12.5cm
H 3.8cm

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