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Gorgeous Teapot Set

Gorgeous Teapot Set

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Yes, as you can see, this is a striking kung-fu tea set. Each piece features a black glaze base with intricate gold and silver craftsmanship depicting the Pipa flower, a traditional Chinese pattern. The interior of the cups is adorned with silver plating, creating an overall splendid decoration that stands out, especially against the backdrop of the black base—truly a delightful experience.

The teapot has a capacity of approximately 100ml, suitable for most teas. Its short spout allows for a quick and powerful pour, and the red-glazed lid adds a playful touch.

The cup interiors are treated with silver plating, providing a tactile sensation of silver flowing within.

The saucer, designed luxuriously, depicts traditional Chinese patterns in gold and silver, radiating across the entire surface.

Together, these three pieces form a rare and impressive set, elevating your tea gatherings into a memorable experience.

Capacity: 100ml
D 10cm
Capacity 40ml
Tea Tray
D 17cm

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