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Hand-Carved Tiger Teacup

Hand-Carved Tiger Teacup

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This is a high-end tea cup crafted from jade porcelain, meticulously hand-carved by renowned artisan Hong Jianpeng, depicting a lifelike tiger. The tiger appears poised and ready to leap, offering a powerful visual impact and artistic enjoyment. The exterior of the cup is unglazed, which allows it to develop a rich patina with use, adding unique historical significance and collectible value. This patina not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tea cup but also enriches the tea-drinking experience.

This tea cup is not just a functional item for drinking tea but also a piece of art, perfectly combining utility and artistry. Its design makes it ideal for seasoned tea enthusiasts with distinct personalities, showcasing their taste and style. Whether for daily tea enjoyment or as a special gift for fellow tea lovers, this tea cup is a choice of refined elegance.

To ensure every tea lover enjoys the best tea experience, we highly recommend this jade porcelain tea cup carved by Master Hong Jianpeng. 

H 5.2cm
D 7cm
Capacity: 110ml

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