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Hand-carved Wood Tea Tray

Hand-carved Wood Tea Tray

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This is an intricately carved wooden cup coasters, Usually people choose groups of 5 pieces. Each coaster is meticulously crafted from high-quality wood, showcasing detailed patterns that reflect the unique charm of traditional craftsmanship. This set is not only practical but also an artistic addition to your tea ware collection. Whether for daily use or entertaining guests, it is an excellent choice.

The wooden cup coasters are durable and stable, effectively preventing tea cups from slipping and protecting your tea table surface. Their unique design and elegant appearance make them a highlight of any tea ceremony. Whether paired with traditional Chinese tea sets or Western tea cups, they blend perfectly to enhance your tea drinking experience. Let's make your tea table more refined and personalized.

*Buy 4 Get 1 Free*

H 1cm
D 8.5cm

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