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Hand-Painted Pine and Stone Tea Set

Hand-Painted Pine and Stone Tea Set

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Experience the elegance and convenience of our travel tea set, crafted from high-quality Dehua white porcelain. This set features exquisite Chinese painting of pine and stone motifs, adding a touch of traditional artistry to your tea experience. The set includes one gaiwan, one fairness cup, three teacups, one waste bowl, and a practical carrying case. Ideal for tea lovers on the go, this portable tea set is perfect for travel, office, or outdoor use. The high-grade white porcelain enhances the taste and aroma of your tea, while the intricate designs showcase cultural heritage. The carrying case ensures that your tea ware remains safe and intact, making it easy to enjoy a refined tea session anywhere. This set is not only practical but also makes a thoughtful gift for tea enthusiasts, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.



  • H 150 mm | D 150 mm | C 100 mL

Additional Information

  • Dehua, China
  • Glazed
  • Gas Firing,Normal (1200º-1300ºC)

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  • Generally, ships within 2-3 business days.
  • We pack your order with case for safe arrival.

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