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Fengyin Sculpted Stove

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This Stove is a hand-sculpted as a Chinese poem and 风吟 Wind Chant in English. Produced by Su Wu Ji. A ceramic studio in Jingdezhen. 

This stove provides a clean design for boiling water in your tea kettle. The three-pointed top provides a very stable surface for kettles. You can use it with charcoal or with a modern gel fuel canister.

The engraved poem is by the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Shi. This poem is about the beginning of a new Springtime.

I recommend using a clay or glass kettle of 500ml or less.

The surface of the stove has a blackening effect, which is not a flaw. It is a fire mark that occurs in the kiln.


D (outer) 12cm, D (inner) 9.8cm. H 14.2cm