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Hand-Sculpture Teacups

Hand-Sculpture Teacups

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White porcelain, of course, has its unique beauty, especially white porcelain of Dehua, China, which is famous in the world, the most famous of which is Blanc De Chine. Since it was popular in Europe in the 17th century, Dehua white porcelain has never stopped developing. So far, Dehua ceramic artists have not only maintained traditional handicrafts but also constantly innovated. Invent and create more interesting works.

This teacup is hand-carved by Hong Jianpeng, with two goldfish carved all over the body, supplemented by decoration, and covered with a light glaze. Make this teacup more charming. Have a unique beauty.

The shape of the cup came from the Qing Dynasty, but the decoration of the cup was innovative. I really like this design very much. how about you? You can buy this exquisite artwork at an affordable price today.

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