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Heart Sutra Gaiwan

Heart Sutra Gaiwan

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Heart Sutra often appears on the teaware, and we have also created 2 kinds of gaiwan with Heart Sutra. One is to write the alum red Heart Sutra with the white porcelain as the background, and the other one is used alum red, a natural mineral pigment, as the background color, to write the gold Heart Sutra. Do you have a match you like?  

One interesting thing is that most of the artists who transcribe the Heart Sutra write 260 complete words in the form of dictation.

Hand Written the Heart Sutra on the tea blow, a gaiwan with Chinese calligraphies. That could be a Chinese culture both tea and reading. 

H 7.3cm
D 8.5cm
V 120ml/4oz

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