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Kintsugi Teacup

Kintsugi Teacup

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I like Kintsugi skill. That's an amazing and ancient technology from China. And I also like to collect antique porcelain which from Dehua & Jingdezhen. Of course, I got a lot of porcelains that were broken. Therefore, I start learning how to repair the porcelain with Lacquer in 2017. This is the cup I found in Dehua, built by Blanc De Chine, and the artist is the senior craft artist Chen Jintong. 

Also, I starting repair this cup in 2017. I trying my best on making it perfect. In the past few years, I usually look into this cup and think, is there any way to make it better. And you are looking at it, I am not sure how many times that I change the pictures.

But, that's it. For me, it's not a perfect version, anyway I like it and most enjoy with this cup at all.

D 8cm
H 4.3cm
V 75ml 

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