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Lid Saucer Lacquerware

Lid Saucer Lacquerware

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This is a Lacquer Artwork of Kevin, It's an unborn lacquer work, made of grasscloth, lacquer, gold powders, and gold paper, and wrapped in copper.

One of the properties of lacquer is that it is extremely hard when it dries, so you don't have to worry that the lid made of cloth will not put your Lids.

The surface is decorated with the technique of maki-draw, draw an exquisite design to decorate, and intentional artifact design, let this cover buy some more wabi-sabi style. 

And the lacquerware will show its unique luster with the passage of use, lasting and charming. I'm sure it will add a lot of glory to your tea table. 

L 6cm
W 6cm
H 1.5cm

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