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Lucky Gongfu Teapot

Lucky Gongfu Teapot

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Let me share an interesting fact with you. The gourd plant, pronounced 'Hu Lu' in Chinese, sounds similar to '福禄' representing happiness and official position, symbolizing both fortune and prosperity. Hence, it often appears as an auspicious symbol in traditional Chinese patterns.

Yes, this is a gourd-shaped tea pot. So, you'll also have its beautiful blessings, making you feel happy in your tea moments. Share this story with friends while having tea to enhance the joy of your tea life.

With a capacity of approximately 120ml, it's suitable for 3-4 people to enjoy tea together. The bottom of the pot is slightly larger, making it suitable for various larger tea leaves, such as oolong tea, and single-cluster teas with rich aromas.

Damieter 7cm
Height 6cm
Capacity 130ml


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