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Mini Gongfu Teacup Set

Mini Gongfu Teacup Set

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This is an ultra-thin cup, almost like paper. It's a tiny, vintage white porcelain cup. It's a fascinating cup, originally from the Qing Dynasty's Dehua region, adorned with plum blossom carvings and a triangular decorative rim.

This cup is handcrafted with the finest Dehua porcelain clay, incredibly thin at around 0.5mm, like paper, yet with the smoothness of porcelain.

With a capacity of around 30ml, it's perfect for oolong teas like rock tea, Tie Guan Yin, and black tea. Sold in sets of 3, ideal for small tea gatherings on your porch or in the garden.

C 30ml
H 2.5cm
D 4.6cm

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