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Mini Wood-fired Teapot

Mini Wood-fired Teapot

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This is an impressive teapot, crafted by Dong Dong. Just like its creator, you can sense the composure and calmness it exudes, and you can feel the unique ash glaze characteristic of wood-fired ceramics. Dong Dong's meticulously prepared clay, carefully designed shape, and the fact that it's an ultra-thin teapot all illustrate Dong Dong's profound understanding of clay and wood firing.

At first glance, you might find this teapot small, but its beautiful colors are captivating, making you naturally curious about the enchanting golden-like luster it exhibits. Equally fascinating is the texture on the teapot's surface, which seems deliberate yet also naturally occurring, everything about it feels so organic. It allows you to immerse yourself not only in the tea but also in the teapot itself when you're enjoying your tea.

With its ultra-thin body, slightly wider shape, and higher spout, it suggests suitability for steeping teas like Yancha, Shuixian tea, and Dancong oolong, making it accessible even to beginners to brew exceptional teas with ease.

It's a stunning piece of art, each one unique. If you love it, don't hesitate. Bring it home today, and you'll receive complimentary express shipping. Typically, it takes only 7 days for you to receive it. Moreover, it comes in gift packaging, making it an ideal present for your loved ones.


Capacity, 80ml
D: 7.5cm
H: 4cm

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