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Qing Blue Tea Saucer

Qing Blue Tea Saucer

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Allow me to introduce two special little plates that were crafted during the late Qing Dynasty in the famous Dehua YUEJI Kiln. These plates are adorned with hand-painted intertwining lotus patterns, showcasing their unique blue and white coloration. With a history of over 100 years, they bear the marks of imperfections and some minor damages, a testament to their rich heritage. The bottoms even bear the carved imprints left by their previous owners from over a century ago.

These Qing Blue Tea Saucers are a testament to culture and history, blending ancient art with modern living. Their beauty lies in their imperfections, which add to their unique charm. These small plates have witnessed the passage of time, and each scratch and mark tells a story. They reveal the vicissitudes of time and the emotions of humanity, making them a precious cultural heritage.

Personally, I love using these tea saucers as trays for cups, allowing them to serve a practical purpose on the tea table while adding a touch of color to the overall scene. In addition to being decorative tea accessories, these tea saucers can also be used as small plates for serving fruits, snacks, or appetizers, adding a unique flavor to your dining table.

The history and uniqueness of these tea saucers make them cherished items among collectors and tea enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking a unique piece of artwork or looking to add a special ambiance to your tea house or tea gatherings, these Qing Blue Tea Saucers are the perfect choice.

Owning a Qing Blue Tea Saucer is a unique pleasure for those who appreciate the cultural heritage and pursue refined taste. They represent the essence of ancient Chinese ceramic craftsmanship, combining artistry with practicality. Whether as collectibles or for daily use, these tea saucers will bring you a unique tea-drinking experience.

Let's explore the exquisite and unique world of Qing Blue Tea Saucers, where history meets modernity and the beauty of tea culture awaits.


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