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Qinghua Decorative Teacups

Qinghua Decorative Teacups

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Introducing Deng Yu Tang's Wood-Fired and Hand-Painted Teacups, where tradition meets artistry to elevate your tea ritual. Each teacup is meticulously crafted using ancient wood-fired kiln techniques, ensuring a blend of durability and natural beauty. Hand-painted with intricate designs, these teacups embody the essence of artisanal skill, making them not just vessels, but exquisite pieces of functional art. Whether you're savoring a moment of solitude or sharing tea with friends, Deng Yu Tang teacups enhance the experience with their unique textures and colors, influenced by the natural firing process. Indulge in the craftsmanship that goes beyond mere utility, celebrating the rich heritage of wood-fired ceramics while adding a touch of elegance to your tea collection.



  • H 55 mm | D 90 mm | C 60 mL

Additional Information

  • Jingdezhen, China
  • Glazed
  • Wood Firing,Normal (1200º-1300ºC)

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About Wood-fired Ceramics

Each wood-fired ceramic piece tells a story of ancient techniques and artistic expression. The subtle variations in texture and color, brought forth by natural firing processes, add character and authenticity to every teapot and cup. These ceramics are not mass-produced; they are crafted with care and patience, reflecting the artisan's commitment to quality and tradition. Whether used in Japanese tea ceremonies or Chinese Gongfu tea sessions, wood-fired ceramics enhance the sensory experience, evoking a sense of history and appreciation for natural beauty.

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