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Ruyi Poetry Gaiwan

Ruyi Poetry Gaiwan

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I like this Gaiwan very much because it is very elegant. Huawan Xu has done an amazing job. Of course, Su Dongpo's poems increase a lot of color to the tea bowl. Thanks also go to Qiongyu Chen for his wonderful calligraphy. This is a hand-made gaiwan with a flat shape that allows the tea soup to reach 150ml/4oz, and I like the Ruyi which made on top of the lid. One of the most important factors when using a gaiwan is that it is not hot. This is one of them.

Sit. Take a seat. Have a seat, please. Tea. Have a cup of tea. Please have a cup of tea. This is a sentence with a sense of ridicule and banter. It describes the different treatments you get as you get to know them better. Are there other people like this around you?

Gaiwan Size
D 9cm
H 8.5cm
V 150ml/4oz

Teacup Size
D 5.5cm
H 4.3cm
V 30ml/1.5oz

Set 1
Gaiwan *1
Teacup *5

Set 2
Teacup *4

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