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Tang Qu Gaiwan

Tang Qu Gaiwan

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Yes, it's a Dehua Porcelain, and the Blanc De Chine is the most famous in the world. They created the figures well since Tang Dynasty. The famous Artist is He Chaozhong. Today we continue to create the beautiful artwork of tea-wares. This Gaiwan is a fully hand-building by Huawen Xu, it decorates the Chinese flowering crabapple. We named it as 棠梨花雨. Just the best style for the tea lovers.

Gaiwan Size
H 9.5cm
D 9cm
V 100ml

Teacup Size
H 6cm
D 5.8cm
V 30ml

Tea Tray Size
H 4cm
D 19.5cm
V 300ml

Gaiwan Set
A Gaiwan and a Tea Tray

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