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Teacup with Staples

Teacup with Staples

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The Beauty of Expert Restoration


This teacup, with a capacity of approximately 40ml, is a masterpiece of deep historical significance and meticulous craftsmanship. Originating from the traditional Chinese ceramic art, it showcases not only the excellence in porcelain making but also a unique restoration method—staples, which breathe new life and stories into the piece.


Elegance and Simplicity of Dehua Porcelain


Renowned for its fine texture and warm white hue, Dehua porcelain is exemplified in this teacup. The cup's body displays a gentle white color adorned with subtle blue lines, adding a touch of minimalist elegance to the design. Every detail reflects the artisans' pursuit of perfection in ceramic art.


Unique Charm of Staple Restoration


The staple repair technique is an ancient method of fixing porcelain, using metal staples to rejoin broken parts, ensuring durability. This method is not only practical but also a form of aesthetic expression, symbolizing resilience and rebirth. The fusion of metal staples with porcelain gives this teacup a distinctive artistic and historical value.


Perfect for Tea Tasting


With a moderate capacity of about 40ml, this teacup is ideal for savoring various teas. Whether it’s the refreshing green tea or the rich Pu'er tea, it perfectly presents the color, aroma, and taste of the leaves. As you enjoy your tea, feel the intricate details of the teacup, experiencing the blend of ancient craftsmanship and modern living.


Suitable for Collection and Daily Use


This teacup is not just a practical utensil but also a collectible piece of art. Its presence can add a unique touch to your tea set collection and bring more ceremony and enjoyment to your daily tea experience.


Own This Unique Teacup Today


Add this teacup with staple restoration to your tea set collection, experiencing the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern living, and savor the unique charm and story behind every cup of tea.

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