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Tenmoku Jian Ware

Tenmoku Jian Ware

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Jian Ware is a type of Chinese pottery originally made in Jianyang, Fujian. It is known in Japan as Tenmoku. The ware is simple shapes in stoneware, with a strong emphasis on subtle effects in glazes. Though the ceramic body is light-colored, the wares, normally are glazed in dark colors, with special effects such as the "hare's fur", "oil-spot" and "partridge feather" patterns caused randomly as excess iron in the glaze is forced out during firing.

Here is a Jian ware artwork of Chen Xu, Jianyang, Fujian. The Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor of Jian ware.

Item 1- D 7cm / H 6.5cm / V 100ml
Item 2- D 8cm / H 6cm / V 100ml

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