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The Fish Sculpture Tea Scoops

The Fish Sculpture Tea Scoops

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It's a fully hand made bamboo sculptured tea scoops also with the Copper rims. The Bamboo was deal with the traditional natural way and dried for 3 years. Most Bamboo skin is removed, which means the color of bamboo will become darker during use it.

The Luohan Bamboo tea holder is made by bamboo that has been dried naturally for 5 years. 

The Tea Scoop is Kevin's artwork, It's for all tea lovers, just for tasteful your tea table, and make it unique.

Fish Sculpture Tea Holder
L 15cm
D 4cm

Luohan Bamboo Tea Holder
L 13.5cm
D 4.2cm

Click below picture to Another Hand Sculpture Tea Scoop

Vintage Style Frog Sculpture Bamboo Chinese Tea Scoop|Best Ceramics
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