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Vintage Lacquer Wood Artwork

Vintage Lacquer Wood Artwork

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This traditional lacquer tray originates from the Hokkien region with about hundreds  years old and was once a part of local folk culture. Its unique red lacquer surface and central pattern reflect the traditional craftsmanship and culture of the Minnan area. Now, this lacquer tray can be a part of your tea set, particularly suitable as a teapot stand or a tray for placing tea cups, adding charm to your tea table.

Made from high-quality materials, this lacquer tray is sturdy and durable, exuding a rich historical and cultural essence. The uniquely designed edges not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also add to the stability and functionality of the tray. Every detail has been meticulously polished and treated, showcasing the charm and artistic value of traditional craftsmanship.

By adding this Minnan lacquer tray to your tea set collection, you can experience the weight of history and appreciate the essence of Eastern aesthetics. This tray is both practical and ornamental, making it perfect for various tea ceremonies and enhancing the ritual and enjoyment of tea drinking.

H  4.5cm
D 30cm

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