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Vintage Plum Blossom Teapot

Vintage Plum Blossom Teapot

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This is a vintage-style Chinese traditional teapot, creatively inspired by export products from the Qing Dynasty period in Dehua. Crafted in the renowned Dehua white porcelain, it features a transparent glaze.

The plum blossom motif, sculpted on the pot body, spout, and lid, reminiscent of antique objects from the Qing Dynasty, undergoes slight modifications for a more graceful appearance. Ideal for daily use.

It holds approximately 250ml, making it one of our larger teapots suitable for various occasions—perfect for gatherings or brewing teas like black tea and Pu'er, which benefit from longer infusion times. Additionally, it doubles as a stylish coffee-sharing pot. Any other great ideas in mind?

C 250ml
H 13.5cm

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