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Wabisabi Style Teapot Set

Wabisabi Style Teapot Set

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 Wood-Fired Ceramic Teapot by Dongdong

This stunning teapot is a masterpiece of wood-fired ceramic artwork by Dongdong. The natural glaze formed from the clays during the wood firing process creates a unique and mesmerizing effect, allowing you to feel the traces of the fire on this teapot. Crafted from iron-rich clay and fired with cypress wood—a type of oily wood—the teapot’s surface features interesting glaze crystals, resulting from the rich oils of the wood.

With a capacity of about 80ml, this relatively small teapot is perfect for brewing rock tea, making it an excellent choice for Kung Fu tea enthusiasts. Its compact size makes it ideal for serving 1-2 people.


Antique Blanc De Chine Porcelain Teacup

Accompanying this exquisite teapot is a Blanc De Chine porcelain teacup, an antique piece from the Ming dynasty, crafted in the renowned Dehua kilns. Though not in perfect condition when found, the application of kintsugi—a traditional Japanese art of mending ceramics with gold—has transformed it into a gorgeous teacup. 

This teacup, with its unique history and beauty, is perfect for Gongfu tea ceremonies. Enjoy your favorite tea in this antique cup, and appreciate the elegance and craftsmanship of the Ming dynasty.

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