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Yan Kuang Teacup

Yan Kuang Teacup

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This series of mugs were designed and produced by Mr. Gao Yue, a teacher at the Dehua Ceramic Institute. It is rough pottery made of natural ore, fired at a high temperature of up to 1300 degrees under the primitive and rustic surface, which presents colorful colors. Everywhere reveals a unique personality.

Another special feature of this cup is that it softens the water and makes the tea taste extra sweet and mellow. It has a granular texture, slows down heat dissipation, and has better insulation properties than ceramic.

This kind of teacup is suitable for heavy fermented or fully fermented teas, such as black tea, Tieguanyin, aged tea, Pu'er tea, etc.

H 6cm
D 6.2cm
V 80ml

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