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Gloden Serienty Lacquerware

Gloden Serienty Lacquerware

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This "Tai Wu" Tuo Tai lacquerware, meticulously crafted by the talented artist Kevin, embodies the essence of wabisabi, taking nine months of dedicated carving and creation. Its exterior boasts an exquisite 12-sided design, while the inner base showcases a delicate touch of wabisabi with vermillion hues and intricate gold-lined patterns, reminiscent of fleeting moments of golden brilliance. The inner vertical edges, painted with lustrous golden lacquer, subtly exude the beauty of wabisabi, revealing hints of rustic patina. On the outer surface, a mysterious black finish further enhances the allure of wabisabi, imparting a sense of serene simplicity.

The bottom center proudly bears the inscription "Tai Wu," adding a touch of uniqueness and wabisabi's appreciation for imperfections to this exceptional piece. Measuring 21cm in diameter and approximately 1.5cm in height, this lacquerware is perfect for adorning desks, coffee tables, or cherished in collectors' cabinets. Its portability allows you to embrace wabisabi's aesthetics, appreciating its humble and unpretentious beauty in your hand, making it a delightful companion in daily life.

Kevin's dedication for nine months is a testament to the wabisabi philosophy, infusing every detail with his passion and appreciation for the beauty of imperfection. This "Tai Wu" Tuo Tai lacquerware is not only a practical masterpiece but also an embodiment of wabisabi's timeless allure. Its uniqueness lies in the artistry and craftsmanship of Kevin, elevating it to an unparalleled work of wabisabi art. Whether as a collector's item or a decorative accent, this "Tai Wu" Tuo Tai lacquerware will bring a touch of wabisabi's rustic charm and mystic beauty to your life. Embrace wabisabi and let this precious gem accompany you through cherished moments, celebrating the beauty of imperfection and the simplicity of life.



  • H 15 mm | D 200 mm | C

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